Terms & Conditions

Welcome to sw-indonesia.com. Please read the following Terms of Use carefully and thoroughly to find out about your rights and obligations in accessing the sw-indonesia.com website/mobile/application. When you make a purchase transaction or interaction (explained further) on sw-indonesia.com it will mean that you have agreed to all of the applicable Terms and Policies. Make sure you understand them.

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms of Use”) describe the terms and policies that govern your rights and obligations as a user (hereinafter “User”) on the sw-indonesia.com site (hereinafter “Site”). If the User does not agree to parts or all of the Terms of Use, it is advisable to stop any activity on this Site.

  1. Implementation and Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions
    1. For the purposes of the Terms of Use, a User is anyone who accesses the Site for limited purposes, whether or not he has registered as a member and has used parts or all of the services of this Site and its affiliates. Users include individuals and/or entities represented by individuals. The intended limited purpose is for the purpose of studying the products and services of SW Indonesia and soliciting offers about the products and services of this site. For any other purposes, it is required to obtain written permission from the Site.
    2. By accessing or using this Site, the User has agreed to accept the stated Terms of Use. Users will be bound by these Terms of Use while accessing or using this Site and any updates, modifications, additions, or changes to this Site. If the User does not agree to part or all of the Terms of Use, it is advised to stop activity on this Site.
    3. This Site reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time by posting the changes to the Terms of Use on this Site. Any changes to the Terms of Use will be effective when displayed on this Site. The posting of changes to the Terms of Use and the continuation of the User’s activity on this Site will be interpreted as agreement to the changes to the Terms of Use that are displayed. These Terms of Use cannot be changed, except in writing by the authorized party from sw-indonesia.com. The Site reserves the right to launch, change, update, suspend, or discontinue services (or features in services) without prior notice except for paid services, where these changes will not affect Users in enjoying the services on this Site.
    4. When a User accesses the Site or submits a request, the User has agreed to communicate with the Site either by e-mail, telephone or features available on this Site.
    5. The user cannot use part or all of the service and agrees to the Terms of Use if (a) the user is under 18 years of age and/or (b) the user does not have written or oral permission to use the site’s services in accordance with applicable laws in the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Common Users
    1. Users are required to register on the Site to access or use part or all of the available services. Except as permitted by the Site, one User may only have 1 (one) member account. The Site may cancel or delete the User’s member account if the Site has a suspicion that the User has knowingly owned and controlled 2 (two) or more member accounts. Furthermore, the Site may refuse membership applications from this User in the future.
    2. Each User agrees not to copy, reproduce, resell, redistribute, rent, transmit, or download any information, text, image, video, document, or database in whole or in part contained on or through this Site (hereinafter “Content”. Site”) for any purpose. Any action found in accordance with the description in point 2.2 will be deemed to have violated the Terms of Use and applicable laws in the Republic of Indonesia unless there is written consent from sw-indonesia.com.
    3. Some of the Site Content displayed on the Site may be provided or uploaded by third parties (hereinafter “Third Party Content”). sw-indonesia.com is not responsible for any claims by other parties, infringement of property rights, validity or honesty of Third Party Content so that it cannot be held responsible from Users in relation to User’s trust or dependence on Third Party Content. In addition, the Site is not responsible for the implementation of the Users’ activities on the Site, and cannot be held responsible by anyone if there is a loss experienced by any party due to the User’s activity.
    4. sw-indonesia.com may allow Users to access content, products, or services offered by Third Party Content via links (in the form of word/sentence links, banners, channels, or otherwise) to Third-party sites. Users are encouraged to read carefully and thoroughly the provisions that apply to the site. Users also acknowledge that sw-indonesia.com does not have control and power over third-party sites and therefore cannot be held responsible for the sites, content, products, and services provided on such third-party sites.
    5. sw-indonesia.com has the right to restrict, deny or make special access to this Site and its services for Users. Each User understands that the inability to use this Site and its services in whole or in part for any reason will have an adverse effect on his interests. In this case, each User agrees that sw-indonesia.com is not responsible for the inability, inhibition, or inaccuracy of the User or any party in accessing this Site (whether caused by interruptions, limited access, changes, or discontinuation of services or this Site) and the effects thereof. inflicted on the User. sw-indonesia.com also does not guarantee the availability of access to part or all of the services and the Site at any time.
    6. No User may use any means to access unauthorized for any purpose to the system or network used by sw-indonesia.com.
    7. Users are required to read the Privacy Policy of sw-indonesia.com which regulates the protection and use of User information that is in the possession of sw-indonesia.com, its affiliates, and partners. The user also acknowledges that the Privacy Policy can be changed or updated at any time according to the conditions by sw-indonesia.com and the updated or amended Privacy Policy will be available and accessible on the Site. Continuing use of the Site can mean that the User has agreed to the Privacy Policy that has been changed or updated.
    8. Each User in their activities on the Site is not allowed to violate intellectual property rights or the rights of other Users in any way and purpose. sw-indonesia.com reserves the right to delete or cancel a User’s membership if such suspicion is found.
  3. Registered User
    1. Every User who has completed and sent a registration form either online on the Site or offline by providing his/her information (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, cellular phone number, fax number, or other important information) to sw-indonesia. com or other sw-indonesia.com group of companies that provide the same service are registered users of the Site (hereinafter “Registered Users”). An Account (hereinafter “Account”) will be created for each Registered User and will be assigned a user name (hereinafter “Account ID”) and password (hereinafter “Password”) to access his/her own Account.
    2. For Registered Users who are business entities, it will be deemed that the Registered User is (a) who has the power to agree to the Terms of Use; (b) the registered address is the office where the business entity is domiciled; (c) all information provided in the Site and its affiliates is true, accurate, current and complete; and (d) the branch or representative office will not be considered a separate entity and the principal address will be considered the head office unless a written statement states otherwise.
    3. As a Registered User, you have agreed to provide personal information to the sw-indonesia.com user database. For this matter, sw-indonesia.com can send e-mail and communicate through that information with all messages that sw-indonesia.com will offer to you.
    4. Registered User Accounts may be suspended or deleted at any time without prior notice if sw-indonesia.com or its affiliates feel that there has been a violation of the Terms of Use.
    5. Registered Users may not sell, transfer, give, or authorize an Account, Account ID, or Password to any party without written notice to and written approval from sw-indonesia.com. Violation of this will result in the suspension or deletion of the Account and Account ID by sw-indonesia.com.
    6. sw-indonesia.com reserves the right to cancel the registration and refuse to provide an Account, Account ID, and Password to any User with or without reason.
  4. General Terms
    1. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy govern the entire agreement between the User and sw-indonesia.com in relation to and govern the use of the Site, superseding any written or oral agreement in the same respect.
    2. For parts of the User Terms that are deemed inappropriate, invalid, or unenforceable, then only those provisions are invalid and the remainder of the contents of the User Terms remain validly valid.
    3. If there is an incident where sw-indonesia.com is unable to apply or take action against violations committed by the User against these Terms of Use, it will not invalidate sw-indonesia.com’s right or action to act on the same violation in the future.
    4. These Terms of Use apply based on the laws and regulations in the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (hereinafter “NKRI”). The parties who are bound by these Terms of Use declare that they will be subject to the judicial law of the Republic of Indonesia.
    5. In situations where there is a conflict, debate, or confusion between the English and Indonesian versions of these Terms of Use, the English version will be the reference.