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SW Indonesia – Public Accounting Firm Surabaya

Welcome to SW Indonesia – Public Accounting Firm Surabaya Office! We are thrilled to serve as your trusted partner in the dynamic business landscape of Surabaya, East Java. Our office, situated on the 5th floor of Spazio Building.

As a leading Public Accounting Firm and a proud member of the fast-expanding SW International network, we bring a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence. Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in Audit and Other Assurance, Taxation, Business Advisory, and Business Process Outsourcing.

At SW Indonesia, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in Surabaya. With our in-depth industry knowledge and strategic insights, we provide tailored solutions to drive growth and enhance profitability for our client

Our firm is also supported with other SW Indonesia’s auspices, which is consists of 4 business unit:

  • KAP Suharli, Sugiharto & Rekan
    Audit & Other Assurance
  • SW Tax Consulting
    Tax & Custom Solutions
  • SW Business Advisory
    Deal & Corporate Action
  • SW Digital Solution
    Digital Transformation & Cybertrust

About SW Indonesia – The Best Public Accounting Firm Surabaya

SW Indonesia is a world-class accounting and advisory network, a member of SW International. This means we have the support of resources from a global alliance, with a deep understanding of implementation in the local context, based on applicable Indonesian regulations.

KAP Suharli, Sugiharto & Rekan is a public accounting firm, SW Indonesia’s auspices, which provides audit & other assurance services. Our firm specializes in delivering high-quality auditing and other assurance services with 10 CPA audit partners with more than 200 professionals.

Our Services

Our firm is also supported with other SW Indonesia’s auspices, which is consists of 4 business unit:

KAP Suharli, Sugiharto & Rekan

Financial Audit Services Surabaya

Situated as a distinguished public accounting firm in Surabaya, SW Indonesia is resolutely committed to providing unmatched financial audit services through our dedicated business entity, KAP Suharli, Sugiharto & Rekan. Armed with an in-depth understanding of the local business milieu and Indonesian regulatory framework, our team of adept professionals undertakes rigorous financial auditing, meticulously tailored to cater to the precise demands of Surabaya’s enterprises. Our service spectrum encompasses exhaustive insights, ensuring regulatory compliance, identifying avenues for growth, and enhancing financial strategies. Anchored in an unwavering pledge to excellence and an intricately meticulous approach, we actively contribute to the prosperity and expansion of businesses thriving in Surabaya’s dynamic market.

Our list of audit services in Surabaya:

  • Audit On Financial Statements
  • Audit Of Specific Elements, Accounts Or Items Of A Financial Statement
  • Audit For Capital Market Process
  • Audit Based On IFRS Or Other Standards
  • Agreed Upon Procedures For Compliance
  • Limited Review On Financial Statements
  • Audit Offshoring For Cross-border Works
  • Assurance Other Than Audit And Review

SW Tax Consulting

Tax Consultant Surabaya

Within SW Indonesia, a prominent public accounting firm in Surabaya, we derive immense satisfaction from introducing specialized tax consulting services through our dedicated business entity, SW Tax Consulting. Encompassing a profound grasp of the local tax terrain and its regulatory framework, our team dispenses strategic insights and bespoke resolutions meticulously fashioned to cater to the distinct requisites of Surabaya’s enterprises. In seamless alignment with our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we adeptly navigate clients through the labyrinthine intricacies of taxation, optimizing their financial strategies, and ensuring steadfast adherence to regulations. The concerted endeavors of our unwavering professionals at SW Tax Consulting assume a pivotal role in steering the triumph and expansion of our clients’ ventures, underscoring our commitment to furnishing dependable and priceless tax consulting services.

Our list of tax consulting services in Surabaya:

  • Corporate Tax Compliance
  • Tax Dispute Resolution
  • Tax Audit Assistance
  • High Profile Individual And Expatriate
  • Transfer Pricing Services
  • Tax Diagnostic Review
  • Tax Seminar & Education
  • Tax Advisory

SW Business Advisory

Business Advisory Surabaya

Positioned as a distinguished public accounting firm in Surabaya, SW Indonesia stands as a vanguard in the provision of dynamic business advisory services through our specialized business division, SW Business Advisory. Armed with a profound understanding of the local business landscape, we extend strategic insights and tailor-made solutions that adeptly address the distinctive challenges and opportunities faced by enterprises in Surabaya. Our adept team of professionals engages in close collaboration with clients, offering expert guidance across diverse aspects such as growth strategies, financial oversight, and operational efficiency. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, we empower clients to make informed decisions, achieve sustainable expansion, and maintain competitiveness in the perpetually evolving market of Surabaya.

Our list of business advisory services in Surabaya:

  • IPO & Financial Restructuring
  • Internal Audit
  • Cost & Project Monitoring
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Deal, Merger & Acquisition
  • Receivable & Payable Restructuring
  • Feasibility & Financial Projection

SW Digital Solution – Digital Transformation & Cybertrust

Digital Transformation & Cyber Security Surabaya

As an esteemed public accounting firm in Surabaya, SW Indonesia takes the forefront in driving innovation, unveiling groundbreaking digital solutions through our dedicated business arm, SW Digital Solution – encompassing Digital Transformation & Cybertrust. In an ever-evolving landscape, we equip enterprises with state-of-the-art digital transformation strategies and robust cybersecurity measures, enabling them to adeptly navigate the complexities of the digital age. Infused with an intricate understanding of the Surabaya market, our adept professionals provide tailor-made guidance, enhancing operational efficiency, preserving data integrity, and propelling sustainable growth. Through the avenue of SW Digital Solution, we empower businesses to harness technology as a competitive advantage, ensuring their triumphant journey in the dynamic digital terrain of Surabaya.

Our list of Digital Transformation & Security services in Surabaya:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Cybersecurity & Data Privacy
  • Data Analytics & Insight
  • Technology Governance
  • ERP & Software Implementation
  • IT Compliance
  • IT Audit & Assurance
  • Risk Assessment & Management

Surabaya Office

Spazio Building 5th Floor
Jl. Mayjen Yono Suwoyo Kav.3
Surabaya 60226
(+62 31) 9914 1222

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