ESG Illumination: Inspiring Sustainable Transformation for Businesses in SW Indonesia

SW Indonesia encourages businesses to implement Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. The development of environmental issues with increasing business activities at home and abroad is increasingly attracting the attention of regulators, entrepreneurs, and the public. Business people need to start considering the environmental impact of their business activities. The international community is committed to realizing environment, social, and governance initiatives.

“Inspired by darkness, there is light, SW Indonesia hopes that environment, social, and governance will be able to end the darkness in the world. Darkness is like disease, poverty, ignorance, violence, war, and suffering. After all darkness is gone by environment, social, and governance, there will be light for the world. Light such as health, prosperity, intelligence, harmony, peace, and happiness.


Environment, social, and governance is the light of the world for a better earth for our children and grandchildren. SW Indonesia encourages the implementation of environment, social and governance for the business world, starting from simple things in the place of business, preparing CSR reports, to assurance on reports the.” said SW Indonesia CEO Michell Suharli, FCPA (Aust.) at an international seminar.

ESG Developments in Asia Pacific and Indonesia

The latest developments around Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) in Asia Pacific are interesting to discuss given the current social, political, economic, social and cultural forces. The Head of the Financial Sector Policy Center (PKSK) of the Fiscal Policy Agency of the Ministry of Finance, Dr. Adi Budiarso FCPA (Aust.) presented material on the alignment of ESG in Indonesia with the Sustainability Finance Framework. Indonesia develops sustainable finance as a national agenda and a global agenda to support the achievement of net zero emissions.

“As a national agenda, Indonesia is accelerating new funding sources such as pooling disaster funds, social forestry funds, managing funds from implementing carbon prices, and managing mangrove funds through IEF. Meanwhile, as a global agenda, Indonesia utilizes the G20 Presidency 2022 to ensure sustainability finance. that can support and affordable transition,” said Adi in a hybrid-webinar held by CPA Australia and SW Indonesia and focused on ESG updates in Asia Pacific on Thursday (21/4).

ESG Updates in Asia Pacific and Indonesia Seminar

The international seminar featured three international class speakers who explained ESG best practices in the Asia Pacific and Indonesia in particular. The topics chosen were ESG Update and Indonesia Perspective. The presentations of the three speakers emphasized how the accounting profession can play an important role in achieving climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Standardization of the preparation of sustainability reports (sustainability reports) or CSR reports is needed to have a common ground for business and non-business organizations. Furthermore, the sustainability report can be checked against international assurance standards.

The seminar began with a ceremonial inauguration of SW Indonesia as a recognized employer partner (REP) from CPA Australia which was officially on February 14, 2022. CPA Australia and SW International have a commitment to carbon emission reduction measures for the future of the world. The Country Manager and Chief Representative of CPA Australia in Jakarta, Reza Havies, expressed his great pride in establishing a partnership with SW Indonesia. “This agreement formalizes the already productive working relationship between CPA Australia and SW International.

In terms of REP collaboration, both parties are committed to strengthening the accounting and finance professions in Indonesia,” said Reza. Executive GM International CPA Australia Debora Leung FCPA (Aust.) expressed great joy and appreciation to SW Indonesia as the REP of CPA Australia.

The first speaker Patrick Viljoen CPA (Aust.) from CPA Australia presented the latest developments in a sustainability report with a comparison of the IFRS approach between accounting standards in Australia and Indonesia. The second speaker, Managing Partner of SW Hong Kong Roy Lo, FCPA (Aust.) explained the implementation of sustainability reporting and ESG initiatives in Asia, including specifically in Hong Kong and Greater China in general. The presentation of the seminar material was closed by the third speaker, Dr. Adi Budiarso FCPA (Aust.) with a comprehensive Indonesian perspective on ESG, including the Indonesian government’s commitment to sustainability finance.

SW Indonesia’s Commitment and Business Units

SW Indonesia is closely following the development of standards for the preparation and assurance of sustainability reports. By becoming an Australian REP, SW Indonesia consistently practices world-class organizational leadership and management.

SW Indonesia is a world-class professional network with five business units, namely the Public Accounting Firm (KAP) Suharli, Sugiharto, & Partners; SW Consulting (tax consultant); SW Solution (business advisory), SEL South East Asia (financial professional certification education); and The Azterix (event management financial profession). SW Indonesia has become the rising star in Indonesia with a unique position as the Archipelago Financial Professional Network, Asia Pacific Investment Axis, and Indonesia Investment Gateway. (RO/OL-14)

Take the first step towards implementing impactful ESG initiatives for your business with SW Indonesia. As a world-class professional network, we are committed to guiding and supporting organizations in their journey towards sustainability. Our team of experts specializes in ESG strategies, CSR reporting, and sustainability finance, offering tailored solutions that align with your business goals. Contact us today at +62 2993 2132 to learn how SW Indonesia can assist you in unlocking the full potential of ESG and creating a brighter future for your company and the planet. Together, let’s make a difference with ESG.



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