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IPO of E-Commerce Sector

In the last two years, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) made history because it has emitent that organize e-commerce. In 2021, PT, Tbk. (BUKA) conducted an initial public offering (IPO) and managed to reap IDR 21.9 trillion Rupiah. Meanwhile, in 2022, two e-commerce companies who had successful IPOs, namely are PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia … Read more

Prospect of E-Commerce

Technology directs the civilization of global society towards practical goals and has a central role in supporting human activities in all fields. The development of information technology into digital technology influences individuals’ daily activities. Technology provides various conveniences and solutions in everyday life including communications, access to information, trading, completing tasks and transactions. One activity … Read more

Infrastructure IKN Becomes Attraction of Investment in Indonesia

Infrastructure of Ibu Kota Nusantara (IKN) becomes attraction of investment in Indonesia. IKN is known as Nusantara. The Indonesian government is presenting Nusantara designs to people in the country and abroad to invite them to invest in IKN Nusantara. Before the G20 Summit (KTT) took place, member countries had planned to invest in IKN Nusantara, … Read more

Regulatory Issues on Palm Oil Plantation in Indonesia

Plantations are a business sector that attracts foreign investors to invest in Indonesia. Plantations are among the largest foreign exchange earners of state revenues in the Agricultural Sector. The Minister of Investment/Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) noted that the majority of foreign investment in the agricultural sector is still in the form of oil palm plantations. … Read more

Structured Warrants: New Derivative Instrument

On September 19, 2022, the first Structured Warrants (SW) in Indonesia were officially issued on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). SW is an investment instrument issued by a financial institution that entitles warrant holders to buy or sell underlying securities at a predetermined price and date.  The context of underlying securities in structured warrants is … Read more

Brand Value Becomes an Intangible Asset for Public Companies

The use of brands in the products/services of a company provides broad benefits in business activities and sustainability. The brand is a sign or characteristic that distinguishes each product/service offered to the public. In addition, the brand also acts as an element used by the company for brand awareness so that it is easy to … Read more

Foreign Investment in Indonesia

Indonesia is a favorite investment destination because it has a large geographical area, the fourth most population in the world, abundant natural resources and a growing local market. Indonesia is the largest market in Southeast Asia which has 37 provinces, more than 17,000 tribes and the largest archipelago in the world. Indonesia is ranked as … Read more

Joint Operation (JO) in Indonesian Scheme

Latest phenomena have clearly shown the significant growth of Joint Operation (JO) as a scheme of partnerships between construction companies in Indonesia. This is apparent from several large-scale infrastructure projects such as transportation, communications, water supply, spatial planning, and energy, which are generally implemented within a joint operation scheme. But later, the form of JO … Read more

Cross-border Funding Strategy: Dual Listing

The listing of shares in the capital market is a corporate action to obtain funding from the public. In addition to funding, the first-time listing of shares in the capital market or Initial Public Offering (IPO), also provides various benefits such as improving the company’s image, professionalism and good governance. The overall benefits of an … Read more

Loyalty Enhancement – One of the Benefits of IPO Execution by the Company

Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a process executed by the management of the company to list their shares on the stock exchange. The company’s shares can be traded to the public through IPO execution. The entry of new shareholders into the company automatically increases the company’s capital that can be utilized for various purposes. Those … Read more