Geopolitics: Navigating a World of Boundless Opportunities

SW International Partners Conference 2023 (SWIPC 2023) presented the Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, General (Purn.) Moeldoko, PhD., as the keynote speaker with the insight material “Geopolitical Future” on Wednesday, May 24 2023, at the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta Hotel. The conference, which was attended by 138 company leaders from 19 member countries of SW International, chose the theme “Sustainable Quality Growth In A Challenging World”.

Moeldoko explained the common global problems faced by a country from a geopolitical perspective. Overcoming geopolitics is important in maintaining sustainable a nation, which has a direct impact on national leadership in various aspects including ideology, politics, economy, social, culture, defense, and security of a country.


Issues in Geopolitics Affecting Global Policies

As one of the national figures who is in the first circle of the presidential leadership of the Republic of Indonesia, Moeldoko shares his personal predictions related to future geopolitics. Moeldoko revealed that countries all over the world are facing similar geopolitical issues. The leaders of every country formulate public policies relating to post-pandemic recovery efforts, geopolitical tensions related to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the energy crisis, food needs, and climate change.

Global Challenges and Post-Pandemic Recovery

Globally, various countries are facing cross-sectoral issues and struggling to raise post-pandemic COVID-19. Digital technology involvement, the dynamics of the health world, international trade, the intensity of multicultural interactions, and the succession of national leadership in each country are some of the areas that affect the success of post-pandemic recovery.

Impact of Tensions in Geopolitics on Nations

With the recovery, high geopolitical tensions arose between Russia and Ukraine, which required the Republic of Indonesia, as well as many other countries, to take a neutral stance to keep the tensions from worsening. The situation is also worsened by rising commodity prices, i.e., the commodities boom, which has caused various countries to suffer from energy crises. In addition to the commodity boom, international trade routes are also hampered by the rupture of a country’s relations, so various countries also have food security problems.

Growing Global Concerns on Climate Change

In addition to these issues, global concerns are growing as climate change worsens. Each country and various organizations, including the profession, campaign for sustainability initiatives that are in line with the UN’s SDGs. Extreme weather changes and greenhouse gas impacts have become major concerns for environmental, social, and governance issues.

National Preparedness for Challenges in Geopolitics

Nationally, Moeldoko also exposed geopolitical problems from the country’s side. He revealed that Indonesia needs to be prepared to adapt to any change and learn from the country’s experience facing the pandemic. In addition to the ability to adapt, countries also need to anticipate change quickly before it is too late.

Formulating Solutions: The 3C + 1I Model

In the face of these changes, it is necessary to have the courage to take the risks contained in the formulation of national policies. This response needs to be prepared in the face of changes that make the situation more complex and shocking,” Moeldoko said. Relatively significant geopolitical changes also occur in the midst of an increasingly uncertain period. Geopolitics itself affects the policies made by the state to advance the interests and good of all parties involved.

Maintaining Stability and Continuity

As a solution to the problem, Moeldoko formulated a 3C + 1I model solution to maintain the stability of a country’s leadership, namely: complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. Complex problem-solving becomes a key requirement for being able to respond to changes that occur quickly and have a broad impact as the global revolution unfolds.

Government’s Preparedness and Support

Critical thinking is necessary in analyzing the roots of problems, determining the best course of action, and formulating comprehensive policies as solutions to complex problems. Creative and innovative approaches complement the competence of the country’s ability to survive, develop, and maintain the continuity of its leadership.

Supporting Foreign Investment in Indonesia

Moeldoko said that the government of the Republic of Indonesia is well-prepared and capable of dealing with these complex problems. This trust must be supported by all citizens and foreign investors in supporting the solution programs implemented by the government. The continuity of government and society creates a nation’s resilience to global problems.

“It is pleasant that SW Indonesia, as one of the public accounting networks and professional advisors in Indonesia, supports the government’s measures to increase foreign investment by becoming an investment gateway that is ready to help foreign companies enter the Indonesian market,” Moeldoko said at the end of his presentation.


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